Image of wet and dry sample introduction in Flash Chromatography

How to do sample introduction in Flash Chromatography?

When introducing a sample in flash chromatography, are you going for Wet or Liquid Loading? Learn about the two sample introduction techniques and how they influence the sample loss during the purification process →

Warm and Colorful Welcome from Bart

Hello there and welcome on the blog!
This place is for all colorful researchers out there who are looking for their next adventure in science. Let's introduce ourselves →

What might happen if you don’t equilibrate your flash cartridges.

"To equilibrate or not to equilibrate" flash Silica cartridges prior to loading the crude material and what possible risks you might face if you skip this step, read here →

“Alien vs. Predator”… or in other words “Silica vs. Alumina”

The rivalry between Silica and Alumina looks a lot like "Alien vs. Predator" movie, don't you think? Read more about how we can benefit from their "competition" →

The “Golden Mean” in Flash Chromatography

Which system describes perfectly the balance ratio between productivity and cost in flash chromatography? Open columns, automated or semi-automated systems?