The Evolution of Evaporation: From Ancient Alchemy to Modern Science

In this blog, I would like to talk about the history and future of rotary evaporation, a process I have had tremendous experience with over the years. →

Chilling Out! How to perfect the freeze drying process

The importance of spray drying , I would like to take the time to focus on a different method used to remove moisture from a product. →

Chiral Compound Confusion: Bart explains how SFC is used to purify enantiomers.

I would like to focus specifically on chiral compounds, also known as enantiomers. →

Maintenance Matters! The importance of keeping your equipment in tip-top shape

The power of prevention is of particular importance when it comes to the maintenance of laboratory equipment. →

The Never Contented! How spray drying enables batteries to keep on keeping on.

Bart explains how spray drying technology is used to improve battery performance. →

Stay cool and protect your analytes: Maceration vs. continuous cold extraction on a rotavapor

In this post, I shall compare two methods for performing extractions on heat-sensitive samples. →

Shining a light on automated evaporation solutions

Bart explains how the latest automated features on rotary evaporators makes the sample preparation process of solid loading a breeze. →

Let’s get critical! SFC vs. HPLC

Bart explains the history of SFC and how it has developed over the years. SFC is then compared with HPLC. →

Celebrating chromatography for the blog’s 5th blooming birthday

Bart celebrates the blogs 5th year by explaining how chromatography was invented by Mikhail Tsvet. A simple experiment is described that explains the key concepts. →

What’s coming up in 2023

The New Year always provides an opportunity to look forward and to reflect. As I have embraced retirement, I have found more time for reflection. →