chromatography system parts; chromatography; flash chromatography; prep HPLC

Three chromatography system parts and why they are important

Bart focuses on use and importance of fittings, hoses & tubes and ports in chromatography →

spray drying; freeze drying; protein formulation; proteins; peptides

How to make your protein formulation last and last and last

Bart offers tips on using spray drying and freeze drying for protein formulations →

proteins; peptides; formulation; pharmaceuticals; spray drying; freeze drying; lyophilization

Are you team “spray dry” or “freeze dry” when you formulate proteins and peptides?

Bart compares spray drying and freeze drying for protein applications →

drug discovery; drug development; API; concentration; purification; formulation; chromatography; rotary evaporation; spray drying; encapsulation; melting point; rotary evaporation; rotavapor

Five essential steps in the drug discovery and development process

Bart discusses the methods for extraction, concentration, purification and formulation of APIs →

analytical chromatography; prep HPLC, preparative HPLC, high-pressure liquid chromatography

Two reasons why prep HPLC users love analytical chromatography

Bart explains how to use analytical chromatography to develop an optimized prep HPLC method →

PTFE stopcock; stopcock; rotary evaporation; distillation; rotavapor

Why you should avoid grease in your rotavapor with a PTFE Stopcock

Bart describes the dangers of grease for your rotary evaporation and how to use a PTFE stopcock to solve this challenge →

natural products; rotary evaporation; rotavapor; rotary evaporator; concentration of natural products

This method of concentrating natural products is really a force of nature

Bart explains how to use rotary evaporation to concentrate natural ingredients →

rotary evaporation, rotary evaporator, rotavapor, molecular cooking, mixologists, flavour creation

Tickling those taste buds: Rotary evaporation for flavour creation

Bart offers his chef's kiss on how to use rotary evaporation to create flavours for mixologists and chefs →

How to freeze dry PCR diagnostic kits for COVID-19

Bart details the five steps needed for the lyophilization of PCR diagnostic kits for various diseases →

protein concentration, rotary evaporation, lab evaporation, laboratory evaporation, freeze drying, lyophilization

Concentrate on this: Tips for concentration of proteins and peptides

Bart offers tips on how to optimize rotary evaporation and freeze drying for protein concentration →

industrial evaporation, glass oven, parallel evaporation, industrial evaporation

Is your evaporation instrument the perfect match to your application?

Bart looks at different applications of rotary evaporation and which evaporation system is better suited to them →