RFID, RFID technology, chromatography, flash chromatography, prep HPLC, preparative chromatography. cartridges

How RFID technology lifeguards your chromatography process

Bart explains how and why RFID tags are used on chromatography cartridges and racks →

flask size, evaporation rate, rotary evaporation, laboratory evaporation, rotary evaporator

Sizing up the importance of flask size in rotary evaporation

Bart discusses theory and experimental data on how flask size affects evaporation performance →

peak fronting, peak splitting, chromatography, chromatogram, flash chromatography, prep HPLC, preparative chromatography

Are peak splitting and peak fronting effects keeping you up at night?

Bart talks about peak fronting and peak splitting and how to eliminate these effects in chromatography →

evaporation, evaporation rate, evaporation performance, glass thickness of flask, evaporation flask

Why you should give the glass thickness of your evaporation flask a second thought

Bart discusses how the glass thickness of a flask affects evaporation performance and safety →

chromatography, flash chromatography, HPLC, peak shape, peak tailing, asymmetry factor, tailing factor

The perfect peak shape: Five solutions to peak tailing problems

Bart explains how to analyze peak shape with the tailing factor and asymmetry factor and offers five causes and solutions for the peak tailing effect →

pressure values, rotary evaporation, laboratory evaporation, rotary evaporator

Five ways to optimize the pressure values of your rotary evaporation

Bart offers five tips for finding the ideal pressure settings for rotary evaporation of a solvent →

cosmetics, ingredients, natural ingredients, purification, separation, ingredient discovery, chromatography, flash chromatogrpahy, prep HPLC

What’s hidden behind your cosmetics labels? Chromatography!

Bart highlights the role of chromatography in ingredient discovery for development of cosmetics →

delta 20 rule, rotary evaporation, heating bath, chiller

How the delta 20 rule can make all the difference in your rotary evaporation

Bart describes the golden delta 20 rule for finding optimal temperature values for laboratory evaporation →

flash chromatography, prep HPLC, preparative chromatography, cannabis, weed day

The joint relationship between chromatography and cannabis

Bart talks about the purification of cannabinoids like CBD from cannabis using flash chromatography and solvent recycling →

condenser, distillation rate, rotary evaporation, laboratory evaporation, lab evaporation

Five cases where the bigger the condenser, the better

Bart explores the relationship between condenser size and distillation rate with specific examples and experimental data →

ELS detectors, ELSD, flash chromatography, prep HLPC

All about ELS detectors – part 002

Bart discloses valuable information on ELS detectors in his sequel post on the topic of ELSD →