freeze drying, lyophilization, environment, sunlight

What happens if you run your freeze drying process under direct sunlight

Bart experiments with the effect of direct sunlight on freeze drying performance and draws attention to how the environment can influence lyophilization →

column efficiency, flow rate, chromatography

We need to talk about flow rate and column efficiency in chromatography

Bart discusses how an optimized flow rate helps improve the column efficiency of flash and prep HPLC chromatography →

endpoint criterion, freeze drying, lyophilization, comparative pressure measurement, mamometer, priani gauge

How to find a suitable pressure endpoint criterion for freeze drying

Bart discusses comparative pressure measurement and how to use it for endpoint determination of freeze-drying steps →

column efficiency, number of theoretical plates, particle size, particle diameter

Three major ways to influence column efficiency in your favor

Bart explains how particle size, column packing and pore size affect column efficiency and resolution in chromatography →

freeze drying, lyophilization, primary drying, endpoint determination, temperature

How to use temperature to assess if primary freeze drying is finished

Bart describes how temperature could be used for endpoint determination of the primary drying step in lyophilization →

column efficiency, theoretical plates, resolution, chromatography

Why you should care about column efficiency

Bart explains how column efficiency, or the number of theoretical plates, affect resolution in chromatography →

lyophilization, freeze drying, pressure gradient, temperature gradient

Why pressure gradients are the main drivers in improving sublimation rates

Bart discusses why a good pressure gradient is the most efficient way to improve freeze-drying rates →

chromatography safety, sample protection, user protection

Putting safety first during the chromatography process

Bart discusses how to maximize the safety of user, sample and the surroundings during the chromatography process →

heated shelves, heatable shelves, lyophilization, freeze-drying

A pretty hot way to speed up the freeze-drying process

Bart offers theory and experimental data on how heated shelves can speed up the freeze drying process →

HPLC columns, column care, column maintenance, cartridges, guard columns, pre-columns, preperative HPLC, prep HPLC

Two essential aids for proper column maintenance

Bart discusses the role of pre-guards, column guards and RFID technology in proper cartridge and column maintenance →

freeze drying, shell freezing, manifold freeze drying

Shall we use shell freezing to speed up manifold freeze drying?

Bart discusses the benefits of shell freezing over bulk freezing in speeding up the manifold freeze drying process →