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Happy birthday to me: The blog turns three and it’s all about the accessories!

Bart celebrates the blog's birthday with resources on accessories in chromatography and rotary evaporation →

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How to efficiently maintain a flash chromatography system

Bart details how to take care of the pump, detector and fraction collector of a chromatography system →

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Your 2021 chromatography and rotary evaporation crystal ball

Bart offers his outlook on how the chromatography and rotary evaporation markets will develop in 2021 →

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Should I stay or should I go

Bart announces his retirement, but promises to continue writing for the blog →

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Let’s wrap up this unusual year with an unusual post

Bart says goodbye to 2020 with four chromatography and rotary evaporation videos for faithful blog readers to enjoy over the holidays →

chromatography, cannabinoids, THC, CBD, cannabinoid separation, flash chromatography, prep HPLC

7 highly important factors for cannabinoid isolation

Bart lists seven factors that are important for successful of separation of cannabinoids using chromatography →

foam, rotary evaporation, rotary evaporator, laboratory evaporation, distillation

Foam is foe in rotary evaporation. Here is how to prevent it.

Bart discusses why foam formation is dangerous and how to prevent foam in your evaporation flask →

slurry packing, chromatography column, flash chromatography, prep HPLC, preparative chromatography

Slurry packing of chromatography columns can be just as fun as it sounds

Bart explains the slurry packing process for chromatography columns →

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Condenser loading should not be at 100% and here is why.

Bart discusses optimal condenser loading and why it is important →

chromatography column, glass column, chromatography, dry packing, column packing

Dry packing of a chromatography column in three steps

Bart explains how to dry fill a chromatography column →

cooling capacity, chiller, condensation, laboratory evaporation, rotary evaporation

Why 15 is the magic number for your recirculating chiller

Bart shows how to calculate cooling capacities and discloses how to set up your recirculating chiller to achieve sufficient condensation →