glassware; rotary evaporation; distillation, rotary evaporator; rotavapor

How to clean the glassware of your rotary evaporator

Bart highlights seven steps for cleaning the inner and outer glassware parts of a rotary evaporator →

lab spray dryer; mini spray dryer; spray drying system; spray drying technology

This is what a next-generation spray dryer looks like

Bart introduces a new spray drying system and offers six points on why the instrument is a must for laboratory spray drying →

HILIC; chromatography; polar compounds; vitamins

Why HILIC is what your polar compounds need for purification

Bart explains how HILIC works and why it is a suitable method for separating polar substances →

lab safety; rotary evaporation; lab evaporation

Four rotary evaporation tricks to keep your safety standards high!

Bart highlights the importance of plastic-coated glassware, secondary condensers, splash shields and level sensors for safety during rotary evaporation →

spray drying; freeze drying; lyophilization; proteins; peptides; bioactives

Episode 100: An investigation into freeze-drying and spray-drying effects on peptides

Bart reviews a paper on effects of freeze drying vs. spray drying on bioactives →

rotary evaporator; freeze drying; lyophilization; sample preparation

How to use your rotary evaporator for freeze-drying sample preparation

Bart guides you through using a Dewar accessory on a rotary evaporator for lyophilization sample prep →

solvent flow; flash chromatography; preparative chromatography; HPLC

Don’t mess with my flow! How to solve three common solvent flow problems in chromatography

Bart helps diagnose and cure solvent flow problems →

spray drying and freeze drying; overview; benefits; limitations; drying; formulation; lyophilization

Watering your knowledge on spray drying and freeze drying

Bart offers a general overview and comparison of spray drying and freeze drying →

open column chromatography; prep HPLC; preparative chromatography, adsorption chromatography

Flash chromatography vs prep HPLC: you want speed or precision?

Bart compares open column chromatography, flash chromatography and prep HPLC →

rotary evaporation accessories; glassware accessories; rotavapor

Five glassware accessories that those doing rotary evaporation swear by

Bart discusses the importance of five glassware accessories in rotary evaporation →

chromatography detection methods; UV; ELSD; fluorescence detection; RI detection; MS detection

Are compounds in your sample ghosting your chromatography detection method?

Bart gives an overview of theory, benefits and limitations of five common detection methods in chromatography →