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Super special edition: Interview with Bart for blog’s 4th birthday!

Bart participates in a personal Q&A offering insights into his life and his science interests →

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Who is your favorite member of the rotary evaporation family?

Bart matches industrial, parallel and lab evaporators to their most suitable applications →

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What’s written in the stars for rotary evaporation, chromatography and spray drying?

Bart makes his 2022 predictions for chemical and pharma R&D labs →

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All I want for Christmas is some chemistry webinars!

Bart gives you lots of holiday viewing with webinars on chromatography, proteins, natural products and more →

industrial evaporation; industrial evaporator

What’s the BIG deal with industrial evaporation?

Bart discusses differences and how to upscale from lab to industrial evaporation →

chromatography system parts; chromatography; flash chromatography; prep HPLC

Three chromatography system parts and why they are important

Bart focuses on use and importance of fittings, hoses & tubes and ports in chromatography →

spray drying; freeze drying; protein formulation; proteins; peptides

How to make your protein formulation last and last and last

Bart offers tips on using spray drying and freeze drying for protein formulations →

proteins; peptides; formulation; pharmaceuticals; spray drying; freeze drying; lyophilization

Are you team “spray dry” or “freeze dry” when you formulate proteins and peptides?

Bart compares spray drying and freeze drying for protein applications →

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Five essential steps in the drug discovery and development process

Bart discusses the methods for extraction, concentration, purification and formulation of APIs →

analytical chromatography; prep HPLC, preparative HPLC, high-pressure liquid chromatography

Two reasons why prep HPLC users love analytical chromatography

Bart explains how to use analytical chromatography to develop an optimized prep HPLC method →

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Why you should avoid grease in your rotavapor with a PTFE Stopcock

Bart describes the dangers of grease for your rotary evaporation and how to use a PTFE stopcock to solve this challenge →