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This method of concentrating natural products is really a force of nature

Bart explains how to use rotary evaporation to concentrate natural ingredients →

rotary evaporation, rotary evaporator, rotavapor, molecular cooking, mixologists, flavour creation

Tickling those taste buds: Rotary evaporation for flavour creation

Bart offers his chef's kiss on how to use rotary evaporation to create flavours for mixologists and chefs →

How to freeze dry PCR diagnostic kits for COVID-19

Bart details the five steps needed for the lyophilization of PCR diagnostic kits for various diseases →

protein concentration, rotary evaporation, lab evaporation, laboratory evaporation, freeze drying, lyophilization

Concentrate on this: Tips for concentration of proteins and peptides

Bart offers tips on how to optimize rotary evaporation and freeze drying for protein concentration →

industrial evaporation, glass oven, parallel evaporation, industrial evaporation

Is your evaporation instrument the perfect match to your application?

Bart looks at different applications of rotary evaporation and which evaporation system is better suited to them →

rotary evaporation, rotavapor, freeze drying, protein concentration

Rotary evaporation vs freeze drying in protein concentration

Bart lists factors that help determine if rotary evaporation or freeze drying is more suitable for your protein concentration →

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Let’s match a vapor duct to your rotary evaporation application

Bart discusses three applications of rotary evaporation and what vapor duct is most suitable for each one →

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Tips on equilibration and storage of flash cartridges and prep HPLC columns

Bart offers insights into how to properly equilibrate and store your flash cartrdiges and prep HPLC columns →

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Seven indicators your rotary evaporation glassware is of good glass quality

Bart explains the telltale signs of good quality glassware used in rotary evaporation →

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Purification of natural compounds can come this naturally to you. Here is how.

Bart gives advice on how to develop a chromatography method for purification of natural products →

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Not just another SOP story: How to program a rotary evaporator method

Bart shows how to divide an SOP into multiple steps and parameters that can be entered into the interface of a rotary evaporator →