Clever tips on how to quicken your laboratory evaporation process

Clever ways to speed up laboratory evaporation

This post is a giant turbo button for your laboratory evaporation performance. Read on to gain fresh ideas on how to make your evaporation process faster →

How to quicken your laboratory freeze drying procedures

How to quicken laboratory freeze drying procedures

The freeze drying process in the lab can be fun, but as with all common chemistry methods, the sooner it is done, the better. Learn how to quicken it and download the poster →

Top tips on how to save time in chromatography

Get some great suggestions on how you can speed up your chromatography runs and save valuable time →

The most important factors to consider when selecting a flash chromatography cartridge

See what important parameters you should consider when choosing a flash cartridge and get insights into how to simplify the selection process →

Bart discusses the advantages of using an ELSD compared to UV detector alone

How to overcome limitations in flash chromatography with an ELSD

Find out how ELSD functions and what benefits this detector can bring to your chromatographic experiments compared to UV detectors alone →

Bart explains how to achieve purer compounds by improving resolution in chromatography.

World Cup Fever: How to Score Purer Compounds by Improving Resolution in Chromatography

Soccer fans or not, all chemists want to give impurities a red card. Read today how to improve resolution and score purer compounds →

Image of wet and dry sample introduction in Flash Chromatography

How to do sample introduction in Flash Chromatography?

When introducing a sample in flash chromatography, are you going for Wet or Liquid Loading? Learn about the two sample introduction techniques and how they influence the sample loss during the purification process →

Warm and Colorful Welcome from Bart

Hello there and welcome on the blog!
This place is for all colorful researchers out there who are looking for their next adventure in science. Let's introduce ourselves →

What might happen if you don’t equilibrate your flash cartridges.

"To equilibrate or not to equilibrate" flash Silica cartridges prior to loading the crude material and what possible risks you might face if you skip this step, read here →

“Alien vs. Predator”… or in other words “Silica vs. Alumina”

The rivalry between Silica and Alumina looks a lot like "Alien vs. Predator" movie, don't you think? Read more about how we can benefit from their "competition" →

The “Golden Mean” in Flash Chromatography

Which system describes perfectly the balance ratio between productivity and cost in flash chromatography? Open columns, automated or semi-automated systems?