Warm and Colorful Welcome from Bart

Hello there and a very warm welcome to Bart’s Blog!

I am Bart. A true to his heart color detective, I have dedicated more than 35 years of my life to chromatography and purification. Understand… I speak your (color) language.

For several years, I have been responsible for the Chromatography product line at Büchi AG. When I shared with the team the idea of creating a place, where we can meet and exchange experiences with other color-minded researchers, who share the same drive for solving puzzle problems and a passion for science, we were more than excited to start working on the project.

We got the full support of Büchi and today we bring our idea to the world!

Barts and his team of purification scientists
Peter Näf, Bart Denoulet and Birke Götz – the Purification team

What inspired us to start working on “Bart’s Blog”?

I am telling you straight away!

The truly magnificent and idiosyncratic curiosity of the researcher.

We believe this special common “trait” among scientists needs to be regularly nourished with new fresh ideas to enable us to conduct our researches in a different smarter and more efficient way.

Sharing these ideas and findings with other researchers like you is what we do on www.barts-blog.net.

In this line of thought, be very welcome here!

We are looking forward to getting to know anybody who would like to contribute and express their ideas and findings on the blog!