All I want for Christmas is some chemistry webinars!

This holiday season, I want to take care of your scientific entertainment. Let’s be honest, after a few days of rest, you will be missing the lab. I am here to help you count down the days back to your science with a brief list of must-watch webinars certain to satisfy your craving for science during the Christmas break. Read on and see if there is a webinar that matches your interests to a tee!

You’re well on your way with the holiday shopping and already have a few packages under the Christmas tree? That is fine and dandy, but I got some real candy cane treats for your digital soul. What have you got better to do over your holiday break than to cuddle under a blanket with a warm cup of tea and enrich your brain cells with a few chemistry webinars?

And I have quite a selection of chemistry webinars here that won’t leave a mark on your Christmas budget, because, well, they are completely free!

Because this blog is as colourful as your Christmas decorations, I have tried to pick out some of our favourite chemistry webinars on different methods we cover here in our posts: chromatography, rotary evaporation, freeze drying and spray drying. Not only that, but I’ve also tried to include all kinds of different applications, so that you can certainly match to a perfect present under your Chemistree.

But enough of the opening act, it’s time for the stars to hit stage:

1. How to purify, concentrate & formulate proteins and peptides – This is one of those chemistry webinars that no protein biochemist would like to miss. This triple threat of a webinar covers topics such as:

  • how to use reversed-phase chromatography to separate proteins
  • comparison of rotary evaporation, freeze drying and spray drying in protein & peptide concentration and formulation
  • how to adjust parameters to optimize chromatography, rotary evaporation, freeze drying and spray dying processes.

Now let me get a bit more technique-specific.

2. Chromatography Masterclass Part III: Method Development – based on the comprehensive, popular and very free liquid chromatography guidebook, part three of this chromatography webinar series focuses on how to develop an ideal flash chromatography or prep HPLC method for your particular samples. In this part of the chemistry webinars, you explore:

3. Five major steps in drug discovery – Chemistry webinars with multiple interorganizational panelists can offer you very rich experience into a particular area. In this webinar, join two experts in medicinal research and pharmaceutical science to learn about:

And although my colleagues, Shallot Holmes and the Food Detectives tend to handle extraction cases, sometimes I also find this method relevant for R&D processes on my blog. For example, comprehensive chemistry webinar such as the following offer a detailed workflow in entire processes:

4. Experiences of using natural resources for drug discovery – for those interested in work in natural products and nutraceuticals for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food applications, this should be on top of your list of chemistry webinars. The panelist covers:

  • various extraction techniques
  • methods for enrichment, fractionation and purification used in herbal medicine
  • case studies on isolation of cassava bioflavonoids (CBDs), Moringa bioflavonoids (MBDs), asiaticosides & madecassosides

Your topic of interest is not covered on this list? What kinds of webinars would you like to see in 2022? Leave me a comment in the section below and let’s see if I can make like Santa and deliver better on your wish list next year! Until then, I wish you all a very healthy, happy holiday season and I am so happy to continue our science exploration journey together next year!

Till next time,

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