How to master chromatography in two days

You want to be a chromatography expert and have tried everything there is to try. You’ve read many pages of guides and textbooks, you’ve watched YouTube videos, you’ve listened to your more experienced colleagues. But you still feel like you haven’t perfected your purifications? Then read on and see how chromatography training can be the fastest and most fun way to achieve your advanced separation goals.

My wife is one of those people who can never sit still. So, I wasn’t really surprised when she decided it was time to renovate our shaggy garden shed. Well, I happen to be quite good at flash chromatography and prep HPLC and I know a thing or two about freeze drying, but carpentry is not my forte. Still, I wanted to support her, so I gathered all kinds of resources from books on carpentry to DIY YouTube videos. Despite my best efforts and time invested in going through the material, I did not feel well prepared to help her realize her vision.

Luckily, she saw an advertisement for weekly training sessions on carpentry in our local hardware store. We signed up and after a few hours of live teaching and getting my own two hands dirty, I got the gist of it. I am now happy to report that we flipped the garden shed into a home any shovel would dream to live in.

What does this story have to do with anything?

Well, we’ve just set the date for our advanced chromatography training course!

I know the whole blog is a valuable resource, I know I just led you to a super chromatography basics poster, I know there are buckets of chromatography YouTube videos you can watch. But nothing beats getting your hands on the chromatography system and asking our expert application chemist any questions that pop into your mind as you go through the purification process.

The advanced chromatography training is designed to help you get the most out of your preparative chromatography system. You will learn how to increase speed and purity, how to pick the right detection method and how to maintain your system in good shape. Best of all, you can work with your own samples, so we can tackle your specific separation challenges.

Some of the topics the chromatography training course addresses include:

  • Advanced theory of chromatography (preparative application)
  • Choosing solvent systems and optimizing gradients
  • Choosing the right column size and material
  • Hands-on optimizing settings
  • Optimizing detection
  • Running customer samples
  • FAQ’s and failure handling
  • Basic maintenance

At the end of the course, you will also receive an official certificate that you have completed the training.

If you are interested and free on:

Oct. 21 – 23

And can get yourself to:

Flawil, Switzerland,

Then register today, as spaces are limited and filling up fast.

Don’t forget to drop by the blog afterwards and leave me a comment to tell me what you’ve learned in the course. And don’t you worry, I still have some interesting chromatography topics coming up, so keep on reading, even after you become a BUCHI certified chromatography expert.

Till next time,

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