Should I stay or should I go

Who doesn’t know this song “Should I stay or should I go” from The Clash?  The title of the song has become a bit of a defining theme for me over the past little while.

After a long and exciting career in the science world, more specifically in the chromatography world, this song title started to pop up more and more often into my mind.

Shall I stay where I am and work for some time longer or shall I go, retire and enjoy another phase in life?

As is for so many things in life, the above options have pros and cons.

Staying would mean staying at BUCHI in a very enjoyable environment with many inspiring colleagues and continuing to work with the exciting chromatography technique.  And continuing to bring new products to the market.

But staying would also mean continuing to spend substantial time away from home, continuing to work with (often) tight deadlines, continuing to reach set budgets, etc.

Going would mean spending more time with my family, forgetting about time and deadlines and enjoying so many nice places we have around in Europe or even further away.

But Go would also mean missing colleagues, reducing international and enriching contacts, etc.

A lot to think about, so the song continued in my mind ‘Should I stay or should I go’…

Over time, the balance started to shift more and more into the direction of Go, but somehow it would be nice to keep some type of connection alive with the company.  What could this be?

A few years ago, we at BUCHI had the pleasure of launching Bart’s Blog.  Over the years, we shared many interesting topics with you about Freeze Drying, Evaporation and Chromatography.

The blog could be the ideal remaining link between me and my company, so I made the decision to continue sharing with you our ideas and information on various topics.  Bart’s Blog will continue to appear on a regular basis, even in my retirement.

I’m looking forward to continuing to share our colorful ideas with you, so I could enjoy the best of both of worlds.

Till next time,

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