The blog turns two, but you get all the presents

Yea, yea. Today is February 14th and it’s Valentine’s Day and yada yada. But do you know what else is happening today that is way more important to lovers of science? It just happens to be the blog’s second birthday! I am so pleased to have spent the last years sharing content on chromatography and freeze-drying with you. To mark the occasion, I’ve put together a few presents and an excellent surprise in this very special birthday edition of the blog post. Read on and enjoy.

I know it is usually the birthday girl or boy that gets the presents, but this is Bart’s Blog. We like to work with colourful researchers and do colourful things and go beyond tradition. So I would like to present YOU with three gifts instead. The blog would not be turning two if it wasn’t for you faithful readers, so it is only right that you get something out of this celebration post.

I’ve sifted through all of your favourite chromatography helpers and am giving you the best free advisers on how to perform flash and preparative chromatography. Two are old favourites, but one is brand new and should certainly grab your attention:

1. Chromapedia – the newest collection of expertise from the BUCHI chromatography team is compiled in a guide focused on basic theory, method development, consumables and sample loading, as well as detection methods used in flash and prep HPLC.

2. Poster: Chromatography principles for developing and performing flash and prep HPLC – One of the most beloved resources we’ve ever put together, this poster has already helped thousands of you discover the essentials of chromatography. From method development, to resolution optimization to column/cartridge maintenance, this poster is full of valuable tips that everyone interested in chromatography should get their hands on.

3. Pure tips for safer, greener chromatography – For those of you interested in minimizing the environmental impact of the chromatography process, while achieving maximal user and sample safety, this is the booklet present for you. Benefit from many tips on how to make chromatography safer, more successful and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Take advantage of these presents of free resources and see if you even still need to visit the blog in the future. In an effort to keep you around, I am about to unveil a surprise that should offer a good incentive!

We’ve had a fantastic run discussing freeze-drying topics with you in the past year, but lyophilization is ready to pass on the torch. This year, I will continue to cover purification topics, but I am very excited to also start sharing BUCHI expertise on rotary evaporation. I’ve already written a blog post on this topic and although I am a bit rusty, you would never be able to tell.

You don’t believe me? Well, keep dropping by and see for yourself. Now if you excuse me, I am off to eat some cake in celebration of science and love.

Till next time,

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