The fastest, easiest and smartest way to select a flash cartridge

If you have ever wondered how to take out the “boring” and “difficult” out of the task of picking a flash cartridge, then you’ve landed in the right place. An ultra-modern app is now available to help quickly and easily guide you through the selection process. Expert tips along the way enrich your own separation know-how and ensure that you reach an informed decision on what cartridge is best suited to your individual requirements. Read on to see how simple it could be.

When I was ten years old, my best friend and I wanted to go to a haunted house. We begged her dad to pay the hefty entrance fee and happily went in. But it was pitch black in there and in the first few seconds someone let out a piercing scream. We got so scared, we bolted out of the first emergency exit we could find. That was probably one of the fastest and most expensive visits to a haunted house ever.

Oh mazes can be fun, think corn labyrinths on warm summer nights. But in this case, as in cases of purchasing consumables such as laboratory ware, the faster you get to the end of it, the better.

Take picking flash cartridges. I already wrote about important parameters you should consider when choosing a flash cartridge. This can already help you make a faster and more informed decision.

An even quicker and more efficient method could be to use a flash cartridge selection app such as FlashPure Scout.

This newly released digital tool enables you to select the best cartridge for your unique purification requirements. As a starting point, the app lets you select from four main categories, stationary phase, particle size, particle shape and loading capacity. You can then continue narrowing down the options until you find your perfect cartridge out of the 174 FlashPure cartridges we are currently offering.

For example, if you select stationary phase, you are given further options such as silica, C18, amino, diol and alumina to choose from. If you pick particle size, you can select a range from 15 to 60 µm. If you choose particle shape, you can decide between spherical or irregular shapes or you can select loading capacity and enter a value based on your sample size.

Each section contains a convenient “Details” button which unveils additional information regarding each option. These sections include expert tips on how to improve resolution and can help you judge the suitability of the selected parameter for a specific application.

Selecting the most appropriate stationary phase in all relevant cartridges using FlashPure Scout app

Once you have settled on your cartridge features, you are provided with a list of all relevant FlashPure cartridges with complete specifications of each cartridge.

Details provided by FlashPure Scout on a selected flash cartridge with a silica stationary phase

After further inspecting the available products, you can go on to compare all suitable cartridges side-by-side. You can also choose to receive a user-friendly PDF via e-mail with all relevant specifications of the products that best fit your needs.

Comparison of parameters of different flash cartridges appropriate for a certain use as shown by the FlashPure Scout app

The FlashPure Scout app has an additional useful feature for all of you that already have a BUCHI flash cartridge and are interested in performing method optimization. You can simply search for your particular cartridge via its BUCHI part number and instantly receive comprehensive technical product information that can help improve the efficiency of your separations.

So there you have it. Picking a flash cartridge is really no scary task. Unlike those haunted houses!


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