This is what a next-generation spray dryer looks like

Spray drying is well established process in pharma, chemistry and food R&D. I am proud to say that my colleagues at BUCHI have been leaders in the laboratory spray drying fields for decades. And they have just re-invented their popular lab spray dryer into a new system that is, for lack of a better word, incredible. I just couldn’t resist flaunting it here on the blog in this post, because you really need to see for yourself what this spray dryer can do for your research! Read on and be prepared for so many pleasant surprises.

I was thinking the other day that the term “next generation” is relatively overused. Next generation rocket engines, next generation identification, next generation sequencing, next generation firewalls, the list goes on to infinity. But what next generation encompasses to me, regardless the example, is innovation and improvement.

So, when I noticed that my former colleagues at BUCHI have just launched a “next-generation spray dryer”, I had to agree that my definition seems to fit this example as well.

But what makes a spray dryer truly innovative and improved? I would argue, anything that sets it apart from all the other spray dryers out there, that make the spray drying system useful and with added benefits to the user. Let us see what is so “next generation” about the newest spray-drying solution:

1. The spray dryer offers unique automation capabilities for more reproducibility – The Mini Spray Dryer S-300 offers you the unmatched capability to monitor, control and automate your process. The one-of-a-kind unit can automatically regulate spray gas, drying gas and pump speed. You don’t need to worry about making errors, you can just enjoy more consistent results! Additional features, such as a cyclone with a conductive coating prevents sample from sticking to wall and a stainless-steel spray drying nozzle strengthened with ruby stone further improve your process. Here unprecedented automation combined with innovative system features let you reach ultimate reproducibility during spray drying. Regardless of whether you are working on pharma, chemistry or food R&D, any one of us could appreciate results that are consistent and can be fully trusted.

2. The spray dryer frees your time thanks to method programming and remote control – The only instrument of its kind to have an Auto Mode, the Mini Spray Dryer enables you to run a fully automated spray drying process, freeing your time for other tasks. With method programming, you can save and repeat runs, even for samples that you need to run one after the other. You can also monitor and control your device from any location via an app on a mobile phone or laptop. At last, you could drink coffee while pushing buttons on your spray dryer, because finally you don’t need to be at the lab to do so. Lastly, you want to get your results and move on. The instrument lets you get through this step quickly and easily by generating data reports at the push of a button.

3. The spray dryer takes more care of operational safety – Together with an inert loop, you can safely handle samples with organic solvents without worrying about negative impacts on your health or the lab environment. A dehumidifier could also come in hand if you are spray drying water and organic solvent mixtures to provide dry air and maintain stable spray drying conditions.

4. The spray dryer gives you more control over the process – If you are working on sensitive R&D applications, control over spray-drying process parameters is very beneficial. The newest instrument lets you monitor not only outlet temperature, but also product temperature. This truly unique feature is especially helpful if you are trying to protect those precious, heat-sensitive samples.

5. The spray dryer is just beautiful and easy to use – Remember when those iPods and iPhones first came out and everyone was in awe not only at the functionality, but at the design? Well, this BUCHI spray dryer is kind of like this. You might have never thought that your formulation equipment would be the eye candy in your lab, but this one will add a modern, pleasant touch to your lab space. And make all your neighbors jealous. Ah, and something regarding the very annoying and burdensome cleaning step involved. Novel cyclone mounting makes it easy for you to take the cyclone apart, so maintenance is faster and with reduced chances of cross-contamination.

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6. The spray dryer is fully compatible with older instruments – My colleagues at BUCHI are well aware that the beloved Mini Spray Dryer B-290 was used in thousands of scientific publications. So they took extra care to ensure data between the older version and the new Mini Spray Dryer S-300 is fully reproducible. If you want to upgrade, then none of your research work completed on the Mini Spry Dryer B-290 would be lost during the transfer to the Mini Spray Dryer S-300.

The last time I wrote about a product launch was a few years back when the Pure Chromatography System was released. I enjoy sharing theory tips with you, but it is also a lot of fun to spice things up and discuss system features and why they are useful occasionally. Should we talk about instruments more often or do you like sticking to methods only? Let me know in the comments below and let’s see if we can get to the next generation of blogging together!

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