Three chromatography problems the new Pure system solves

Today we launch the new Pure chromatography system. The unit is the outcome of countless of hours of brainstorming, head banging, machine building and instrument optimization. We are incredibly proud to present you with an innovative chromatography machine ready to take your preparative chromatography performance to the next level.  Read on to see how the system can solve the most annoying yet important challenges that we chromatographers face daily.


Chromatography has been around since 1903 and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) since the 1940s. So you might find that the technology is mature and even stagnant. If so, consider the car. The first automobile was invented in 1885, but it was not until 2013 that the first self-driving cars could hit the road. And where are those flying cars, darn it? So no, chromatography systems are not yet perfected. But today we get one step closer to pure-fection with the launch of the Pure chromatography system by Büchi.

You may ask yourself, how did we go about the difficult task of innovating such an established technology? How did we know how to tweak all the right places in a common instrument found in all purification laboratories? Well, to put it plain and simple, we asked you to lead the way.

The chromatography team is in close contact with countless of end users of preparative chromatography. There are no better judges of the advantages and disadvantages of a chromatography system than those who are in direct constant contact with the machine. So we took a very close look at your biggest concerns during operation of flash and HPLC processes and tackled them head on. And this is how Pure was made.

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So what were the main areas that needed improvement?

  1. You told us that you are always fighting for workspace, especially in the fume hood.

We delivered space. One of the neatest features of the chromatography unit is the innovative closed fraction collector bay. The specialized collector enables use of the chromatography instrument outside of the fume hood. Performing chromatography on the bench eliminates waiting times due to limited fume hood space and it cuts down on hefty energy and environmental costs associated with heavy fume hood usage. The Pure system has an incredibly compact design that comfortably fits on narrow benchtop spaces, leaving even more space for chemistry.

  1. You told us that you are nervous about damaging your health and the environment while performing chromatography.

We delivered safety. The Pure chromatography system comes equipped with cutting-edge technologies for protection of the user, the sample and the environment. Some of these features include the closed fraction collector bay, which guarantees clean air in the lab. Other components, such as vapor and pressure sensors, ensure safe system operation, sample protection and minimize the risk of harmful emissions. Remote system control via a mobile device or a PC reduces the need for the user’s physical presence in the lab where risk of exposure to chemical hazards is higher.

  1. You told us that you want to get from sample to final product faster

We delivered simplicity and efficiency.  The Pure instrument is highly intuitive and convenient to operate. The software interface is simple to control and the sample injection is universal. Important system parts are readily accessible for quick, easy cleaning and maintenance. No matter your application, you can easily switch between UV and ELS detection, between flash and prep HPLC modes and you can integrate corresponding consumables for an optimized workflow suited precisely to your needs. All these features combine to offer maximal resolution, purity and speed, so that you can confidently perform your chromatography runs smoother and faster.

We are proud to say that this machine we have just launched also goes a long way in supporting my new year’s resolutions of performing more sustainable and minimal-risk chromatography. Together with Pure, we mark the beginning of a new era in chromatography. We are glad you are here with us as we turn the page and look to a future with safer, greener and more efficient chromatography.

Till next time,

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