Warm and Colorful Goodbye from Bart

After 136 posts filled with knowledge, Bart announced his retirement. Read here his goodbye message. →

Go Big or Go Home: Scaling-up Spray Drying Processes from Laboratory to Industrial Scale

Bart explains the differences between performing spray drying on a laboratory and industrial scale. →

Don’t be a Drip: Perform Chromatography in a Flash

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Protein Preservation: Critical Factors Affecting Freeze Drying Formulations

Bart compares freeze drying formulas with soil preparation to explain how best to preserve and freeze dry proteins and peptides. →

In Pursuit of Purity: Chiral Column Screening and the Separation of Ketaprofen using SFC

Bart explains the importance of column screening in SFC, using the example of separating ketoprofen. →

Understanding Energy Balance to Optimize Lab Efficiency: Rotary Evaporation

Bart explains how the Laws of Thermodynamics influence energy balance in the laboratory. →

Keeping your Cool: Essential Tips for Freeze Dryer Maintenance

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A Tale of Two Techniques: How to Choose between prep HPLC and prep SFC

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The Explosive Truth: Unpacking the importance of ATEX certification.

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A Breath of Fresh Air: Formulating Inhalable Drugs through Spray Drying

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As Easy as ABC: How to Use the Van Deemter Equation to Optimize Your Chromatography

Bart explains the Van Deemter Equation and explains how it is used to optimize different chromatography methods, such as, prep HPLC and prep SFC. →