Shining a light on automated evaporation solutions

Bart explains how the latest automated features on rotary evaporators makes the sample preparation process of solid loading a breeze. →

Let’s get critical! SFC vs. HPLC

Bart explains the history of SFC and how it has developed over the years. SFC is then compared with HPLC. →

Celebrating chromatography for the blog’s 5th blooming birthday

Bart celebrates the blogs 5th year by explaining how chromatography was invented by Mikhail Tsvet. A simple experiment is described that explains the key concepts. →

What’s coming up in 2023

The New Year always provides an opportunity to look forward and to reflect. As I have embraced retirement, I have found more time for reflection. →

prep HPLC; Flash; purification

Develop flash and prep HPLC applications to purify a range of compounds

Bart explains the versatility of Flash and Prep HPLC applications to ensure the successful purification. →

Leaks giving you the freaks? How to perform a leak test on your rotary evaporator

Bart Explains how to find and prevent leaks in rotary evaporators… →

flavors; fragrances; encapsulation; microencapsulation; spray drying

Flavor of the day: How to spray dry flavors and fragrances part 2!

Bart describes spray drying parameters and particle characteristics when encapsulating flavors and fragrances →

lipids; lipid purification; chromatography; flash chromatography; prep HPLC

A fat lot of tips on how to purify lipids

Bart offers advice on how to purify lipids, including phase selection, sample loading and detection methods →

spray drying; microencapsulation; flavours; flavors; fragrances; emulsification; carrier material

A whiff of microencapsulation of flavour and fragrances by spray drying

Bart goes over the benefits of microencapsulation, carrier materials and factors affecting emulsification →

vacuum pump; maintenance; rotary evaporator

Pump it up: clean vacuum pump in six easy steps

Bart explains when you should clean your vacuum pump and how to most efficiently get the job done →

mobile phase; chromatography solvents; normal phase chromatography; reversed phase chromatography; prep HPLC; flash chromatography

Solving the chromatography solvent problem

Bart examines mobile phases used in normal and reversed-phase chromatography →