rotary evaporation, distillation, rotary evaporator, laboratory evaporation, rotavapor, eco-friendly, greenhouse emissions, energy

Eco-friendly rotary evaporation is possible and here is the evidence

Bart shares energy savings data from using eco-friendly features on a rotary evaporator →

UV detection, UV detectors, flash chromatography, preperative chromatography, HPLC

How to solve two challenges of UV detectors in chromatography

Bart gives advice on how to overcome two common challenges of UV detection in chromatography →

rotary evaporation, rotary evaportor, distillation

Is your rotary evaporator well configured?

Bart jumps into rotary evaporation by discussing current applications and how to configure your own rotary evaporator →

chromatography resources, chromatography, preperative HPLC, flash chromatography, rotary evaporation, distillation, rotary evaporator, presents

The blog turns two, but you get all the presents

Bart's Blog turns two, offers chromatography presents, introduces rotary evaporation as a regular topic →

polar substances, separation, stationary phase, chromatography

How to separate very polar substances without destroying your packing material

Bart shares how to separate very polar compounds using a stationary phase ideal for this purpose →

liquid chromatography, flash chromatography, preparative chromatography, preparative HPLC, prep HPLC

What does liquid chromatography have in its 2020 fortune cookie?

Bart shares his predictions on where liquid chromatography is heading in 2020 →

flash chromatography, preperative chromatography, prep HPLC, freeze-drying, lyophilization

A look back at your favorite chromatography and freeze-drying posts from 2019

Year-in-review: Bart offers a summary of the most read freeze-drying and chromatography posts in 2019 →

Why the retention factor needs to be kept in check

Bart offers the ideal retention factor range for achieving good resolution in chromatography while keeping running times and costs low →

moisture mapping, freeze drying, lyophilization, moisture content, freeze dried product

Why a bit of moisture in freeze-dried products can be a good thing

Bart discusses the danger of overdrying during the freeze-drying process and how moisture mapping can help achieve optimal moisture content in products →

column efficiency, plate height, sample load, sample overload, preparative chromatography, flash chromatography, prep HPLC

Does anyone in chromatography give a load about the sample load?

Bart talks about sample overload in chromatography and how it affects plate height, column efficiency and resolution →

freeze drying, condenser overload, freeze drying unit, freeze drying process, freeze drying rate, condenser ice capacity

A load of tips on how to prevent condenser overload

Bart describes how freeze-driyng rates, condenser ice capacity and other parameters can be used to prevent condenser overload →